How it All Started

About Us

Effective January 7th, 2021, we have re-branded our eCommerce from HAMORPRIDE (entity) to Myralena (DBA & registered tradename). We believe this better aligns with what we do and what we design as well as the types of product and services we provide our customers. We started this out a few years back under the old name but things got put on hold when life took a turn on us.

Our dad (husband's dad) was diagnosed with gastric cancer which put all of these on hold until December 2020 when his treatment started showing promising results to full recovery (in God's timing) which affords us some time to jump back on the wagon and start all over again. With so much going on in life in the year 2020, coupled with the horrible pandemic, financials have been tough not just our family but everywhere in the world which is why we are back on here and our Esty store with hopes to continue our entrepreneurial startup of designing original and unique products that, hopefully, people will love and cherish forever.

Myralena is our youngest daughter's name which means "given from heaven".

If you're reading this, THANK YOU, so much for your time as we're sure you have million other stores and their stories to die for but, you chose to stick around. We hope you find our designs and products inspiring and our life story even more inspirational rather than boring you to death :) Mahalo for your Business!

What we can do for you!
Just a brief summary of what we can do and offer. If something you're looking for is not listed below, please reach out and let's chat. It could very well be item# 1001 on our to do list for the year :)
Original Designs
To be different from the competition, our materials must be original and unique.
Custom Design
We take custom design work as long as it's not copyrighted materials. Have an idea? Let's bring it to life!
Drop-Shipping (Earrings)
We now offer drop shipping on earrings only!
Local Designer
We design everything in-house. We do not outsource this process
99% of our earrings can be personalized with just about anything you want!
Wholesale Account
We now offer wholesale purchase on earrings only. Min. 20 pairs per design.
Customers say this about Us! 
S. Evans
Beautiful Earrings! I stumbled upon this site on Etsy..because I love earrings and I was looking to purchase some new earrings that are unique and added to my collection. Thankfully I found Myralena because their detailed and beautiful earrings definitely caught my eyes and I had to get them. I was even more satisfied with it when I received it in the mail. They're beautiful and lightweight but also the customizing and detailed carvings of the names were on point. Myralena is such a beautiful name and thank you with much alofas to ya!!!
Blue-Pro Kit
Personalized Earrings
I. Leotele
Excellent Job!! Everything was amazing ! My money was worth it ! Keep up the good work & yes, I love this business.
Blue-Pro Kit
Personalized Earrings
Love It! The earrings were amazing! It was perfectly made. I love that it was light, not too heavy and its texture was smooth just the way I love it!
Blue-Pro Kit
Custom Earrings

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I received these from my husband as a birthday gift! It’s a nod to our fun-loving nature & our anniversary. Thank you.

Posted by Shaunda Marie Bunton on Sunday, February 28, 2021